A downloadable game for Windows

Short game submitted to the MAGS competition (Monthly Adventure Game Studio) The theme for the competition was "Gift Trouble"


It's not easy when you're young and have no solid income and wish to buy gifts for your family and friends.

After saving up your pocket money all year, the local Christmas market is here, with your money at hand you set off to buy the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Finding the perfect gifts before running out of time is troublesome business. 

Your parents demand you don't miss the last bus home.

  • Help turn on Christmas decorations.
  • Revive snow sculptures.
  • Deliver Christmas cards.
  • Visit the Christmas market.
  • Complete mums shopping list.

Game play:

  • Been not very street wise and afraid of the dark, you'll need to use street lamps to regain energy.
  • Speak with the witch to convert spirit into coins. 
  • Double click to run.
  • Some timed puzzles.
  • Few pixel hunts.


  • P to pause.
  • R to restart.

Original assets below:

Install instructions

Extract the downloaded game file.


Gifting Spirit.zip 38 MB

Development log